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The Dream Me

The dream me is strong.
She is silent, proud and invincible.
Her power is an internal sun,
and her eyes the protective window.

"No" means nothing; she’ll make her own way.
Fear is non-existent, for she has prepared for victory.
Ever calm and calculating, she knows more than is seen.
An immortal soul of power through wisdom.

But this girl isn’t me — this I know.
But then who — what — is she?
A subconscious need to find my own fear, my own weakness, my own cowardice — a mask to hide myself…from myself?
A lie meant for others that has deceived its maker.

A denial of the fact that everything she is, I am the opposite.
I only want what I lack.
Strong instead of weak and pitiful, silent because true confidence needs no boasting.
She’s my defense mechanism, my superman cape, my idol.

And still, she is not me.

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