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Of Wind and Sea: Prologue

My dear followers, it has happened. I am finally writing a Loki fanfiction. However, this protag is a bit…different, as you will come to find out.

Title: Of Wind and Sea

Rating: T for violence

Summary: Stranded on Asgard, Sulaer is more than a world away from home, realms away. Her skills in battle and magic may give her favor with Odin, Thor, and even Loki, but for how long? Asgard is full of secrets, and Sulaer holds a massive one.

My ears rang as we crested the hill. The roar of thousands of soldiers was deafening. It was the sound of war. Decades of training was not enough to prevent the breath caught in my throat as I watched the two fronts collide in the valley below. Where before I had prided myself on my keen eyesight, now I prayed to forget my first sight of war blood. I was not ready. I was a fool to think I was.

I felt my gut clench as Veerna, my horse, sped down the hill, the throng of soldiers a swarming beast in itself, speeding towards me. I gripped the elven sword at my side, its smooth familiar hilt a comfort in my shaking hand. And then it hit me. The smell. The stench of blood and fear nearly making me retch. I cursed myself and forced my stomach down, drawing my sword.

'Focus…pick a target, and focus.'

My breathing slowed. My legs pumped in rhythm with Veerna. My eyes locked on to rampaging enemy soldier and all went silent. I felt my blade slide through flesh as easily as a sheath. He roared and swung his axe at Veerna, who bucked and brought a heavy hoof down on his head. The sound of shattering bone cut through the air as he fell limp.

I stared in near shock at it. At what I had just done.

"Sulaer! Watch ou—!"

My comrade Roygas’s voice called me out of my stupor just in time for me to dodge a flying arrow. Roygas slammed his sword into the archer’s shoulder, kicking him away.

"Focus, Sulaer! You can’t afford to misstep ‘cause they won’t!"

He was right. Every attacker swung with precision. And every one had dead eyes. They were merely puppets now. And the puppetmaster…

Through the sea of battle, I saw him. Perched poised and snug atop an overlooking cliff, the aged but powerful sorcerer commanded his brainwashed army of men.

I tightened my grip on my sword and the reins.

'If I can take him out, the whole army will fall.'

How naive I was. And yet I charged forward. Fully intending to slay, or at least maim, a high sorcerer with twice my age. Galloping at top speed, I conjured lighting that danced around my raised blade, magic pulsing from my chest.

I was a fool.

But realization came too late. His eyes met mine and I felt true fear stab my chest. With a smirk, he raised a hand. In slow-motion I watched a  spiral of light and darkness swirl and expand before me. I felt Veerna’s muscles lock and myself heave forward as I flew from her back, tumbling into the vortex.

I could not stop it. Even the scream that ravaged my throat was lost into the void. Lost. First sound. Then all light. Then all sense of direction. For a brief moment I was weightless. I was empty. I consisted of nothing. Then I felt it, a pull. A faint tickle that soon clutched and slung me as gravity found its hold. Light peeked through my firmly shut eyelids. Red, blue, yellow, a whole rainbow of colors whizzed by followed by a flash of white, a loud thud, and the scraping of leather on dirt.

Trans-regional Nuzlocke Challenge

After playing through Platinum, Black, and X, I decided to a Nuzlocke challenge. But, I wanted to change it up a bit. In the Pokemon world, most trainers would be expected to keep their main pokemon as they travel (unlike Ash who dumps them on Oak every time he goes to a new region). I am VERY attached to my Pokemon, so I wanted to try and play in a similar fashion.

Here are the rules I went by:

1. A friend chooses your starter pokemon. This is not limited to the actual starters you get from the professor. If your friend is nice, like mine was, they’ll give/trade you one you’ll like and not like, a Magikarp. This pokemon must be level 5 like any starter.

2. All original nuzlocke rules apply. Use the first pokemon you catch on each route; if it faints, use the next one you catch. No healing or reviving items. No Exp. Share. Place a pokemon in a PC box when it faints, etc.

3. When you beat your first game (mine was Platinum), breed your team to get level 5 babies to start your next journey. These will be your new team in the next region (for me, Unova). You may trade over any special item that your pokemon used in-game. However, if the pokemon faints, this item is exiled from the game.

4.  Continue your journey like any other nuzlocke challenge. Repeat #3 when you beat this region and so on.

The point of this is to extend the bond between you and your team beyond just one game. By the 2nd, and especially 3rd region, you have spent a lot of time with certain pokemon so the stakes are higher if they faint.

I really enjoyed doing this. Let me know how you like this new take on Nuzlocke Challenges if you try it for yourself!

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Pretty sure I already posted this, but this time I would like to bring up some of the comments.

Upon reading the comments of this video, it became quite obvious to me just how insecure and threatened some men feel (because apparently real men don’t feel) about the push to reject gender roles. This one guy was quite set on returning to “the good ol’ days”.

"Femininity is arguably the sweetest and tenderest thing in the universe, which is why I wish women embraced it more fully instead of trying to get their hands dirty with motor oil and algorithms; it’s a big turn off."
"If you don’t consider being attractive a worthy goal, then by all means be strong and over-educated."
"The majority of men aren’t turned on by strong and over-educated women."
"I am not offended, offense is a cheap, feminine emotion."
"Let boys be boys, and let girls be girls."
"There is no greater demonstration of feminine strength than for a woman to take on her responsibility as the loving mother, the caring wife and the obedient daughter. Perhaps the discreet mistress too. Just kidding (;"

According to him, men need to grow more balls and embrace their masculinity (as described by narrow-minded society), if not they’re “pussies”. And women…well you’ve already read that.

My two points:

1. A real man does not feel threatened by the betterment of his spouse/potential mates or the “shift in status-quot”. He sees it a level playing field, an opportunity for both parties to learn and better each other, to expand human possibilities overall by utilizing everyone’s gifts.

2. For the men who already understand and support the real movement (not the amazonian feminazi ideal), I love you.

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